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as the gram on my Insta-glam reads.

you already know about my irregular dips in and out of blogging, but you know where to find me. hell, even my snapchat has been neglected, but i’m all over twitter and instagram at the moment, so pop on over, OK.

and then there’s the new digital agency that we’re trying to get rockin’ n rollin’…..business development is a time consuming issue y’all. and so, the long and short of it is…..{d’you see what i did there?}, blogging suffers a little but social still goes on, i am after-all, ALL ABOUT THAT LYF! i just happen to wear 2 hats now….this one, which is kinda my ‘superman’  to the digital media ‘clark kent’

…and yea, i’m still about being creative, fashion conscious, fitness fanatical, and beauty-licious, but with this slightly new direction to the journey, i felt like i also wanted a new name. now i sure as heck ain’t blonde, but it kinda had a ring to it, and it worked with the play on words.

so, without further ado, meet the squarev media team. you’ll get a glimpse of us as newbies…….and i hope you’ll stick around and join us on this journey. we’re a quirky bunch, but as always, i’m here to keep it focused and fabulous! check out my sparkles, though……that really was not planned!

until next time