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so i finally got around to drawing (and by drawing, i do actually mean drawing) up an editorial calendar for my work at hand. even the best multi-tasker of them all, and i rate myself as up there with the best of them, would need one with the amount of work that is coming in.

I can now see at a glance, who is meant to be doing what, where, and on what day. i love the basic-ness of this. i could do it online, but y’know what, old school never hurt, and the good auld pen n paper works just fine.

the foodie pics for Builin Blasta are being ‘worked’ on as we speak, and oh my goodness, they look good enough to eat! i’ll stick up a few on Instagram during the week.

and for those of you who haven’t seen our Instagram page of the car for Western Motors, Galway…feast your eyes on these beauties….that campaign will be kicking off very soon, and by soon, i mean next week…..watch this space. i’ll be populating their Facebook feeds with a selection of these…..and this is just a small sample of the work the guys did over the weekend. there’s a promo film to follow too…..come along for the ride…….i’ll be in the fast lane…..oh, and we’ll be back in Ireland on location at their Drogheda (pro-nounced Drah-da) branch sometime in November.

until next week,

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under a mountain of paperwork…..lol

Candy xo