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so, it is finally beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and by Algarvian standards that means the minimal decorations have been put up throughout the town, and in shop windows, and even i have managed a meager splash of cheer in the apartment.

scented candles light my desk and the hallway, and then my fave little gift shop in Luz (Mirtilo) went and gifted me a bling butterfly coaster, as (and i don’t go in that often but when i do i always linger for a chat), i happened to mention last time that one of mine got chipped at the corner. i take my bling very seriously, by the way….

scented candles & tealights are also from Mirtilo. and, that little surprise made my day yesterday. they had remembered, what to me was a throw-away conversation……that’s Christmas cheer….

boas festas todos/happy holidays everyone!

Candy xx