i had been meaning to stop in waaaayyyyy sooner than now, and now i’m here, it is good to be back. i never really went away, but my time has been spread A LOT thinner of late *glancing off into the distance and thinking about 2 IG posts i have to style*. who knew social media had to be….well….so social. me in my 40’s online, is almost a exact mirror image of me in my 20’s, when i was ‘dippin n doin’ it’ and had the energy to do it….the struggle is real, and a tad exhausting, but i wouldn’t have it any other way….

so between client’s social, Snapchat, and my new IG, and yes, my first love Pinterest does still get a look in, i am forever juggling.

visitors to this blog will notice the IG feed updates everyday – take it as a sign that i am still alive and well….pop by and say hi to me there…..let me see what you’re photographing, and lemmie see your inspiration. i adore looking at photos…but i don’t need to tell you that…..

i’m working on producing a beauty vlogcast – still waiting on my squarev producer to return. that’ll be fun, and they’ll be plenty of out-takes i’m sure. but in the meantime, a little snippet of my goings-on in pictures…..


until next time,