It’s The Little Things…


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so, it is finally beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and by Algarvian standards that means the minimal decorations have been put up throughout the town, and in shop windows, and even i have managed a meager splash of cheer in the apartment.

scented candles light my desk and the hallway, and then my fave little gift shop in Luz (Mirtilo) went and gifted me a bling butterfly coaster, as (and i don’t go in that often but when i do i always linger for a chat), i happened to mention last time that one of mine got chipped at the corner. i take my bling very seriously, by the way….

scented candles & tealights are also from Mirtilo. and, that little surprise made my day yesterday. they had remembered, what to me was a throw-away conversation……that’s Christmas cheer….

boas festas todos/happy holidays everyone!

Candy xx


long time no see….


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i cannot believe it has been nearly a month since i got with this blog. shame on me, but i’m back (how many times have you heard that one, eh?).

so, cut the gloss is now moving over to this blog. in this instance, one is way better…*cough*, i mean more manageable, than two. and i’ll be merging the two Facebook pages too. think down-sizing.

all of the above will free up my time, take away the pressure (that incidentally, i created all by myself), and leaves me ‘hands-free’ to do other things, like, WRITE REGULAR BLOG POSTS!

don’t judge me, for i am judging myself.

and i no longer want to be in that ‘once-in-a while’ club.

until next time

Candy xo