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hey there,

this week, and for the next month and a bit, i shall be buried knee-high in securing sponsorship ‘stuff’ for a sports event that SQUAREV.media are producing.  and depending on how well the process goes, my knee-high may turn in one of two directions – heading south to my ankles {which will be a good thing}, or north way up over my head.

THAT, coupled with moving out of the apartment for the Summer, and you can almost see the look of dread on my face.

on a bright note though, the proposal has been written, and tomorrow we are meeting with our first prospect. {thumbs up}

in the back of my mind and because i am great at multi-tasking, i am thinking ahead to some cute little touches for our Summer guests.

what do you think of this for decor inspo?

image creds: tomineshjem, angelsstyle, lemon stripes, pop sugar & nicky sinclair

and the common theme – a pop of color in the form of flowers.

catch up with me next week, and pray i have got things moving

in the meantime, i’ll be over on snapchat – upperchicside, and IG candy273 & squarev.media

a girl’s gotta hustle, right……

ciao for now

Candy x